Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

1. Your eyes…

Short or Long sighted?
Most wearers have simple short or long sight
Prices in the blue row

About 10% of lens wearers have astigmatism – the cornea is a bit “egg-shaped”
Prices in the peach row

If you’re over 45, you may need different lens powers for far and near
Prices in the green row

2. Your choice…

Daily disposable

  • wear once, then throw away
  • minimum hassle
  • no fiddly cleaning procedure


Monthly disposable

  • fresh pair of lenses each month
  • cleaning solutions included
  • extended wear option available – no need to remove lenses at night!

3. Your specialist options…

Gas Permeable and tinted lenses also available! Contact us for details.


Contact Lens Prices


What next?

Chat with one of our friendly team who can answer any general questions you may have:

  • Have an eye examination if this is due. Normal exam fee applies (unless exempt).
  • Follow this with a more detailed contact lens assessment and try lenses – free of charge.
  • Keen to go ahead? Fine! We’ll do a teaching session, issue trial lenses and do a review after 7-10 days. £50 fee applies.
  • Once you’re completely happy, we’ll arrange for lenses and solutions to be supplied.
  • Ongoing contact lens checks are typically done annually, but may be more frequent in the early stages, or if using extended wear lenses.

Contact Lens checks included in direct debit charge, but £35 if not on direct debit.